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Our Story



   Hola! Welcome to El Mono!

From Peru, South America, to the San Francisco Bay Area in California, in one bite! We are proud to have brought to your neighborhood, some of the finest flavors of the ancient and mystical land of Peru!

As a family owned and operated restaurant, we will go the extra mile to bring to you the healthiest ingredients coupled with a memorable experience.

Cheers To Health!

What does El Mono mean? Thought you'd never ask! El Mono is Spanish for "The Monkey." In the Nazca desert in southern Peru, there are many geoglyphs, etched on the ground by the Nazca people, known as the Nazca Lines. These magnificent designs are speculated to have been made sometime between 400 and 650 AD and are so big in scale, that they can only be fully viewed and appreciated from an aerial perspective! One of the most famous geoglyphs of the Nazca Lines is "The Monkey." El Mono is both delightful and mystifying, much like the flavors and ingredients of Peru!



"Our mission is rooted in love, care, and pride. To bring to life the culinary legends of the majestic land of Peru, right next door to you."

Matt & Dani, Founders

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